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Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Volume 24: Learn to Improvise Jazz---Major & Minor in Every Key (Japanese Edition)

Learn the Basics!
By Jamey Aebersold

For all instrumentalists and vocalists. The CDs contain 30 extended tracks of recorded background. Great primer for learning basic skills in major and minor keys. Advanced players will want to work on "double-timing," playing "outside," and "side-slipping" in all keys at comfortable tempos. Special tracks have Jamey Aebersold playing various exercises and soloing on his saxophone with actual cuts from Volume 24 so you can hear and see how to use this set. All exercises and sax solos on the demo tracks are transcribed and written out in the book! Pick a different key each day/week/practice. Rhythm Section: J. Aebersold (p); John Goldsby (b); Charlie Craig (d). Japanese translation.

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Catalog Number 24-V24DSJ
ISBN 1562241818
UPC 635621100244
Format Book & 2 CDs
Series Jazz Play-A-Long for All Musicians
Level Beginning / Intermediate
Size x
Weight 9.6 oz