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Music from Chopin's Land [Muzyka Z Kraju Chopina]

for Piano Four Hands [Na Fortepian Na 4 Rece]

This volume from the series Music from Chopin's Land includes three (differing in terms of form and style) works by Polish composersfor a piano duo. These compositions, dedicated for students aged 14-16 and amateur pianists, shall help acquaint them with the issues of a piano duo and the charm of four-hand piano playing. Four-hand piano playing poses an exceptional challenge. It develops a wide concept of sound diversification, control over hands and their technique, and a unique ability to unify articulation of both pianists. The pianists, while listening to their individual play and concentrating on the play of their partners, become enriched with special sensitivity to the sound quality. A piano duo teaches sensitivity to the other person and mutual responsibility for the preparation and performance of the work. This constitutes the biggest challenge to chamber music, bringing remarkable satisfaction and joy out of mutual music making.

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Catalog Number 253936 / 11714010
Publisher PWM Edition
UPC 979027401780
Format 1 Piano, 4 Hands
Series PWM
Size 12.00x9.25
Weight 8.4 oz