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Volume Pedal and a Whole Lot More
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Voluum is a volume-based multi-effect stomp box with a digitally controlled high-fidelity pure-analogue signal chain. Constant high-voltage (>30V) analogue power rails ensure high-headroom with low distortion and low noise for maximum signal clarity. A high-bandwidth fully-analogue signal path ensures there is no digital distortion to corrupt your signal, and allows high dynamic range signals to be processed flawlessly. Digital control gives you the ability to store presets and remotely-control the effects via MIDI. The effects chain comprises five effects (noise gate, compressor, LFO (tremolo), volume control and limiter) which can be used in any combination. The Voluum is also the world's first volume pedal to have a built-in precision chromatic tuner. As you'd expect from Sonuus, we've gone further to bring you a pedal that's innovative, sounds superb and packs more value than anything else on the market.

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Catalog Number 255624 / VOLUUM
Publisher Sonuus
UPC 888680723125
Series Sonuus Products
Size 8.00x7.50
Weight 54.0 oz