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Easy Concert Pieces - Volume 3

41 Easy Pieces from 4 Centuries
(ed. Monica Twelsiek, Rainer Mohrs)

The Easy Concert Pieces series by the experienced piano teacher Monika Twelsiek presents easy piano pieces for beginners in progressive order. Three volumes have already been published. These pieces are intended to complement a piano tutorial method and are particularly suitable for performance at auditions, concerts, competitions and examinations. They offer varied repertoire in a broad selection of pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras. Volume 3 is aimed at advanced players who wish to refine their expression and personal interpretation. The pieces demand a great deal of dexterity, a high sense of rhythm, articulation and phrasing, polyphonic playing (polyphony even in one hand) and tonal differentiation of the piano setting. Also available: Volume 1 (49045398) is meant for beginners. The pieces span a single octave and stay within five-finger positions. Other criteria for the selection of the pieces are simple rhythms and very easy chord playing. Crossing the thumb under, polyphony and pedal are ot required yet. Volume 2 (49045493) extends the range to two octaves. Hand turns (crossing the thumb under), pedal, simple polyphony and three- or four-part chords all feature in Volume 2, as do simple ornaments, playing cantabile and differentiating between melody and accompaniment.

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