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Progressive Drumming Essentials

Polyrhythms, Twisting Time, Rhythm Theory & More
by Aaron Edgar

Progressive Drumming Essentials is a collection of material originally written for Modern Drummer magazine plus extensive additional content. This book breaks down fun and challenging material for progressive-minded drummers, including double bass, odd time signatures, displacements, odd subdivisions, and modulations, plus an in-depth section on polyrhythms and their applications to the drumset. Author Aaron Edgar is the drummer for the prog-metal band Third Ion. He's a regular instructor on Drumeo.com and a regular columnist for Modern Drummer magazine. He is known for teaching advanced rhythmic concepts and has a knack for being able to break down and explain challenging material in an easily understandable way.

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Catalog Number 255670
Publisher Modern Drummer Publications
ISBN 1540015084
UPC 888680723071
Series Book
Size 12.00x9.00
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