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Gretsch Catalina Club 3 Piece Kit (18/12/14)

Blue Flame

Gretsch Catalina Club has received world-wide acclaim as the perfect drum kit for drummers who need a smaller sized professional grade kit that simply looks and sounds fantastic. Commonly used by many Gretsch artists as their in-town kit, the CT1-J483 configuration is very reasonable in price. Catalina Club is the smartest selection you'll make when searching for a paired down kit used for tight spaced rehearsal rooms or if you're carrying them around town from club to club. 14x18 Bass Drum, 8x12 Rack Toms, 14x14 Floor Tom Gretsch Formula 7 Ply Mahogany 30 Degree Bearing Edge Triple Flanged Hoops Remo Drumheads

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Catalog Number 777725 / CT1-J483-BSF
Publisher Gretsch Drums
UPC 647139486062
Format Blue Flame
Series Gretsch Import
Size 21.00x30.00
Weight 770.2 oz