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Jost Nickel's Fill Book

A Systematic & Fun Approach to Fills
By Jost Nickel

Jost Nickel's Fill Book offers drummers a step-by-step approach to playing and creating drum fills. Exploring different subdivisions and rhythmic concepts, the book presents the essential theory behind fills, along with exercises and ideas to enrich playing. Topics include switch and path orchestration, diddle kicks, clockwise and counterclockwise playing, hand and foot rolls, stick shots, cymbal chokes, and more. Included with the book are an MP3 CD of recorded fills in different tempos and a 12-page insert of reading texts. Additionally, 20 videos are available online to help demonstrate the concepts in the book. With Jost Nickel's Fill Book, drummers will be inspired and enabled to master the art of playing fills and to even create their own.

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Catalog Number 00-20256US
ISBN 3943638359
UPC 038081533957
Instrument Drumset
Format Book, CD & Online Video
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