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1250-Watt 12 inch. Powered Subwoofer
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For those performance situations where additional low-frequency output and punch are required, even beyond the already-impressive bass capability of the TS2 full-range speakers, the new TS2 powered subwoofers are the perfect solution. Pair TS212S with any full-range speaker system to extend the bass response and dramatically enhance the overall impact of the music being played. TS212S Features include: 1250 watts of peak power output Custom engineered high-efficiency Class D amplifiers with passive cooling design - no fan means the speaker runs cleaner, quieter and has greater long-term reliability 12-inch high-excursion woofer (2) XLR+1/4-inch combo inputs + (2) balanced XLR line outputs Polarity Reverse, Full-Range Output and Extended LF controls Electronic clip, thermal and transducer overdrive protection Rugged, internally-braced front-ported plywood cabinet Integrated 35mm speaker pole socket

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Catalog Number 251371 / TS212SXUS
Publisher Alto Professional
UPC 816311011464
Series inMusic Brands
Size 23.25x21.25
Weight 858.9 oz