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How to Make Music with Loops

by Craig Anderton The Musician's Guide to Home Recording Series

Recording is no longer solely a linear process where individual instruments start and stop, but can involve augmenting and even assembling projects through the creative use of loops and beats. How to Make Music with Loops isn't just filled with valuable tips for those who use loops and beats, but provides a welcome introduction for those who haven't yet taken advantage of the creative options loops can offer to all forms of music. Topics include: Different loop formats Integrating loops with software Different ways that software handles loops Making loops from scratch How to create compelling beats Ways to use sample and loop libraries Assembling loops from one-shot samples, and much more But where this book stands out is in the descriptions of how to make compelling, expressive music with loops - as well as how to integrate loops into traditional musical formats. As the book explains, there's no reason loop-based music has to sound stiff or repetitive. Chock full of illustrations and featuring selected tech talk sidebars to give details on specific topics for those who want to know why as well as how, How to Make Music with Loops is essential reading for those exploring - or who want to explore - the world of loops and beats.

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Catalog Number 269497
Publisher Hal Leonard Books
ISBN 1540024938
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Series Musician's Guide Home Recordg
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