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How to Record and Mix Guitar

by Craig Anderton The Musician's Guide to Home Recording Series

Guitar remains the world's most popular instrument, and whether acoustic or electric, it's the driving force in many genres of popular music - which is why it's so important to get a great guitar sound. This comprehensive book includes topics like: Getting the sound right at the source (tuning, truss rod, pickup adjustment, cables, picking technique, and more) Micing guitar amps Using guitar with direct boxes Recording acoustic guitar Using hardware pedals and stompboxes with recording software Optimizing the guitar sound with plug-ins during the mix Using pitch correction to fix tuning issues, techniques for EDM Creating stereo images from a mono instrument How to layer guitars in the mix, and the advantages of hex and multiband processing, and more Written in a clear, practical, non-intimidating style, How to Record and Mix Guitar also covers artistic topics as well - how guitar fits best in arrangements, ways to avoid creative ruts, how to make rhythm guitar part of the rhythm section, and even ways to team guitars with synthesizers. Loaded with illustrations and featuring selected tech talk sidebars to give details on specific topics for those who want to know why as well as how, How to Record and Mix Guitar allows guitarists, engineers, and producers to take guitar recording to the next level.

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