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The Musician's Guide to MIDI

by Craig Anderton The Musician's Guide to Home Recording Series

Despite being over three decades old, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) continues to be a vital element in the recording process. Recent enhancements make MIDI ever-more useful to all elements of the modern studio, and while this book gives the technical details of the MIDI specification, most of the book relates to MIDI applications such as: How to use continuous controllers Using MIDI with signal processors MIDI guitar and other non-traditional controllers MIDI-based automation, fundamentals of MIDI editing Setting up ready-to-go recording templates with MIDI instruments Songwriting with MIDI, using MIDI to increase instrument expressiveness, and more By starting out with the basics and then moving along to applications, The Musician's Guide to MIDI is equally valuable for those just getting started in recording as well as those who want to take advantage of MIDI's latest improvements and technologies. Lavishly illustrated and featuring selected tech talk sidebars to give details on specific topics for those who want to know why as well as how, The Musician's Guide to MIDI de-mystifies even the most technical aspects of using MIDI with a clear, direct, friendly style.

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Publisher Hal Leonard Books
ISBN 1540024962
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Series Musician's Guide Home Recordg
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