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Global Groove

A Complete Guide to Odd Meters for All Instruments
By Rolf Zielke

Global Groove by Rolf Zielke is a practical rhythm compendium of odd meters ranging from 5/8 to 25/16. Each piece is accompanied by exercises in three levels---basic patterns, polyrhythms, and polymetrics---which can be played to a practice track. The complete arrangement can be heard twice on the MP3 CD: as a full version (with the author on piano and Mustafa BoztŁy on oriental percussion), and as a play-along track. All patterns and pieces are designed to inspire the player to improvise, to develop their ability to interact in a band, and to create new arrangements and compositions in their favorite style of music.

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Catalog Number 01-ADV13288
ISBN 3954810263
UPC 805095132885
Instrument All Instruments
Format Book & CD
Series Advance Music
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Weight 19.2 oz