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You Are Precious, Lord, to Me

Douglas Nolan/Jimbo Stevens

To be fully appreciated, listen carefully to the accompaniment and the text of You Are Precious, Lord, To Me. While singing, More than silver, more than di'monds, You are precious, Lord, to me, the accompaniment adds a sparkle which causes listeners to actually visualize the beauty of jewels and riches. Yet while imagining the exquisite luster of these worldly possessions, we realize how much more we love our Lord. More than kingdoms, more than honor, Lord, You're ev'rything I need. In today's materialistic world, Doug Nolan and Jimbo Stevens have teamed up to create a lovely reminder which puts our constant struggle to get ahead in perspective. Renewing.

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Catalog Number 35026334 / LB5565
Publisher Shawnee Press
UPC 884088885601
Instrument Flute
Format 2 flutes
Series Shawnee Sacred
Size .00x.00
Weight 8.1 oz