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Romance in E-flat Major

By Dennis Alexander

This impressive early advanced piano solo begins with a two-page introductory section that is reminiscent of the late Romantic piano writing of Rachmaninoff. Large chords and low octave pedal points create a rich sonority, and expressive countermelodies are played by the left-hand thumb. Following the introduction, a lush Romance unfolds, characterized by rolling arpeggios in the left hand and a long, singing Romantic-style melody in the right hand. Unexpected harmonies and decorative ornamental gestures make this a lovely preparatory piece to learning a Chopin nocturne or ballade, or a Rachmaninoff prelude.

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Catalog Number 00-47770
ISBN 1470641453
UPC 038081547220
Instrument Piano
Format Sheet
Series Signature Series
Level Early Advanced
Size x
Weight 0.16 oz