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Noah's Rockin' Ark Adventure

A Fabulous '50s Musical for Children
By Ken Medema and Mark Cabaniss / arr. Ruth Elaine Schram

Noah's Soda Shoppe specializes in ice cream floats and shakes. And Noah is one righteous, cool dude in the eyes of God. But today isn't just another day at the Shoppe. Noah has heard from God that He's going to flood the earth and clean the land of its wicked ways . . . so Noah had better build a big boat. All the local citizens think Noah's mind has floated off with his ice cream. However, the rain soon comes and everyone is scrambling to survive. It's Noah and his family who are safe and dry (along with a pair of every living animal!) on this rockin' zoo cruise. Join Noah, his family, and "The Rainbowettes" (Shonda, Rhonda, and Flo) in this easily prepared 20-minute musical as they tell the classic story of Noah in a 1950s setting . . . affirming that listening to God, doing His will, and trusting His promises are indeed the coolest way to live happily ever after!

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Catalog Number 00-48625
UPC 038081556420
Instrument Choir
Format CD
Series Jubilate Music
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Weight 1.6 oz