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Essential Skills for Sight-Reading Guitar

Kick-Start Your Reading Skills Now!
A simple, straightforward, fun system for learning to sightread on the guitar. The first section covers all rhythmic values and combinations. Next, melodic figures are presented in the context of scales and key centers. All the examples are performed on the included recording. Features: The House Is Rising * Keep Coming Around * The King * Mr. Brown * Jimi’s Vamp * One Long Train * Matchbox Girl * Back Again * Deep Fried * I Remember Bob.

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SKU#: 00-0337B
UPC: 029156987195
ISBN-10: 0769279384
ISBN-13: 9780769279381
Series: Guitar Masters Series
Secondary Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & Online Audio
Page Count: 76
Contributors: By David Stark and Josquin des Pres
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