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The Eternal Stranger

A Monodrama for Actor and Orchestra

On September 10, 1821 Ludwig van Beethoven wrote to his publisher and friend Tobias Haslinger:

“Yesterday, as I found myself in the carriage on the way to Vienna, I was overcome by sleep, all the more so, since I scarcely ever (on account of the early rising here) have had a proper sleep. While thus slumbering, I dreamed I was taking a very long journey, as far even as Syria, as far even as India, back again, as far even as Arabia; finally I came, indeed, to Jerusalem. The Holy City prompted thoughts of Holy Scripture…”

This dream of Ludwig van Beethoven inspired Ella Milch-Sheriff to write The Eternal Stranger.

The work was premiered in the Beethoven year on February 20, 2020 in the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig with the Gewandhausorchester zu Leipzig under the direction of Omer Meir Wellber, the Italian premiere took place in autumn 2020 with the orchestra of the Teatro Massimo Palermo.

The work is a monodrama for speaker and orchestra (2.Picc.2.Ca.2 (II = B-cl) .2– – Timp – 1Perc –Str). Commissioned by Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Teatro Massimo Palermo and BBC Radio 3.

A3 full score. Part of Peters Contemporary Library series.

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Format: Book
Languages: English
Page Count: 58
Contributors: By Ella Milch-Sheriff / words by Joshua Sobol
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